Be Like Mary…..

My kids often chat about what they will do when they graduate and enter the real world. A couple of them still claim they are never leaving, but for the most part they all have different dreams and ideas. We have everything from professional video game reviewer, lawyer, doctor, hairdresser, and artist. It changes on a dime and typically depends on what they’ve came across that day.

One of my kids is a natural caretaker. She runs towards blood and not away from it. If someone cuts themselves, she grabs her own homemade first aid kit and not only bandages them up, but checks on them daily. This is definitely not something she has seen come naturally from me. In fact, if I think someone might be hurt, I make J.O. go look first. I’m too scared…..

I often pray for my kids using different Scripture and examples in Scripture. However, when I’m praying for my kids I realized something. I never pray for my kids to be like Mary. You know Mary. The one chosen to be the mother of Jesus. The one who had no clue what was happening to her at first, but she remained faithful.

But why not? Why do I never look to her as an example for my 14 year old son? Why am I more likely to teach my girls about David than the character of Mary? I think it’s because we tend to minimize her significance in Scripture. Now, don’t get me wrong. Without Mary, there is no Jesus (I know, I know….God can do anything) but that’s a pretty big deal. But all my teachings on Mary surround this: She was young (teenage young), scared, timid, and afraid. But she was faithful to the Lord.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want Addison to be a young, scared, teenage mom. The same way I don’t want Trey to be a young, murdering, adulterer.

So why do we so often study the traits of one over the other?

Scripture says Mary was favored, humble, trusted God, wise, discerning, obedient, faithful, follower of Jesus, brave, willing, reverent, relational, and so much more. Make no mistake…..Mary was a sinner just like you and me. Just like David. And Peter, Paul, John, etc. Yes, she was a teen mom who was probably scared to death. But, she was someone to be respected and studied. She was someone who continued to follow Jesus after He began His public ministry. And she did this as only a mom can do. She watched her son die in front of her and didn’t become bitter or angry. We don’t have record of her acting the way I would want to act. Crazy, delusional, outraged, etc. In fact, we know she devoted herself to prayer with the disciples in Acts after His crucifixion.

What kind of person could do that? Watch your son die and then worship and pray with others?

Someone like Mary. Like so many other strong people in Scripture. I wonder what it might look like to teach our daughters AND sons to follow the example of Mary. She is so much more than a scared teen mom. She’s a valiant warrior who followed Christ to the cross and beyond. And that’s what I want for my kids.

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