Will He find us faithful?

There’s so much information about Covid-19 going around. You can find everything from government conspiracy, to we are all going to die. It can be pretty overwhelming and very bleak at times.

I’ll be honest, at first I couldn’t understand what the fuss was all about. We were still planning on going on our short Spring Break trip, and we knew others still planning to head out on cruises. The news from Italy was devastating but no measures were taking place over here.

Then, it all seemed to hit the fan. We saw how easily, and how quickly, this thing was spreading. It also didn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason on who it affected and how. Schools were starting to close, vacations cancelled, and people were panicking.

And as only Americans can do, we decided the treatment for not getting sick was: Food, alcohol, and 24/7 news.

I’ve done a lot of thinking during this time about what we should do as Christians. Now, I’m not meaning whether or not we should take this seriously. That part is a no brainer to me and I’m happy to listen to the professionals on this.

The one thing I can’t shake is this though: Will God find us faithful through this time?

When our church made the tough decision to cancel in person services, we all went into overdrive figuring it out. We made videos, put out information on our website, and assembled a team to help others. It almost felt like Easter week with the amount of work there was to do.

But then I started getting excited. Not for the “time off” (remember…more work than normal), but for the opportunities. For the first time, we are taking church into homes around the world. People who would never step foot into church have the opportunity to “attend.” People who have been burned by the church and hurt by leaders and Pastors, have a non threatening way to tune in. They can give it “one more shot” without worrying about darkening the doors of the church. They can watch from their couch or bed and see people on the other side also trying to figure this thing out.

What if we, as Christians, used this time to tell even more people about the love of Christ?

People are hurting. People are scared. And unfortunately, Christians are allowing this to be one more thing that divides us. We are either mad church is open or we are mad church is closed. We think Christians don’t have enough faith or Christians are being arrogant and not using common sense. We love the President’s decisions. We hate the President’s decisions. We think our state is full of idiots. We think our state is the best ever. Millenials are to blame. No, Gen Z is to blame. And so forth and so forth.

Am I ready to be back to normal? YES! I miss physically being in church with my friends and family. I miss my kids going to school. I miss not second guessing myself every time I cough. I am truly praying this ends soon.

But in the meantime, will God find us faithful? Will He find us serving Him in this time? Worshiping Him in this time? Or have we tied our identity up so much in our routine that we don’t even know how to worship outside of the church walls?

2 thoughts on “Will He find us faithful?

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