Pole Dancing….

I have a confession. The halftime show was on in my house and I didn’t turn it off.

Confession #2. I was looking forward to watching J.Lo because I like her. I used to watch the movie, Selena like it was my job and figured this would be a good performance.

However, I never expected her to come out in long pants and a long sleeve shirt and sit in a chair while singing. Never. In fact, it was exactly as I expected it to be. Was it strange and uncomfortable? Yes, at times. Did my kids watch it with me? No. Can I hold my full body weight sideways on a pole? Not even close.

That performance was exactly what I would expect from a secular sport, a secular arena, and coming from a secular mindset. There hasn’t been a Super Bowl performance in recent years that has been equal to a Sunday morning service by Kanye West. Unless I just missed it. Even the men people are yelling for to come back don’t have song lyrics I want my 6 year old singing.

It amazes me when Christians expect non-Christians to act the way we are called to act. Equally as amazing are the same people yelling about this performance, but overlooking this behavior in others.

Do I think these women have to flaunt their bodies this way to be successful? Well, to be quite honest, it appears they do. It got them what they wanted and a lot of money for doing it.

Would I want my body on display in the same way? NO. In fact, I’m getting uncomfortable just thinking about it. But…..I’m coming from a completely different mindset. I’m coming from the mindset of an outspoken, born again, Christ follower. My standard of approval is quite different.

Don’t misunderstand me. I’m raising two Hispanic girls and although I hope they have pride in who they are, I hope they do it with their clothes on. I hope they stand up for the marginalized, educate on the injustices of the world, be bold in their faith, etc. All while fully clothed.

But, I feel like there’s a lot of people that need to hear this. The Super Bowl half-time show will not be family friendly next year. Go ahead and have a plan. Change the channel, turn it off, whatever you need to do. It will have lyrics that aren’t glorifying to the Lord, it will have dancing that is sexual, it will have men and women grabbing themselves. It just will.

And if that person on the stage is Beth Moore dancing like that….I will jump on the outraged bandwagon. But if it’s a secular performer, at a secular event, who is paid millions of dollars to entertain, I will turn off the tv.

Unless maybe if it’s Justin Timberlake.

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